Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joint Ventures

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- By Michael Rasmussen
From the desk of: Michael Rasmussen
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,
o you have an honest desire to make big money online, but you're not sure how to make it happen? Would you like to learn the absolute fastest way to make tons of cash without having to do a ton of work? If so, then keep reading.
Here's what this is all about: My name is Michael Rasmussen, and I've created a set of online training videos that will show you exactly how to start making money with something called joint ventures. (Click here for instant free access to the videos now if you're in a hurry).
Joint ventures are, in my opinion, the great equalizer on the Internet. They allow a regular person to earn an incredible amount of money in record time. How much money? I usually earn a few thousand dollars for every small joint venture I do (meaning... when I promote someone else's product really quick to my readers). However, I've also made as much as $81,000 in only seven days using the exact same strategies I'm about to share with you.
How about you? Can you imagine yourself earning thousands of dollars in just a couple days? Most people have to work an entire month to earn the kind of money that you'll be able to produce almost overnight after you've discovered these secrets.
What Can Joint Ventures Do For For?
  • Imagine being able to do a Joint Venture, and make enough money to buy an expensive toy like a car or a boat.
  • Imagine if you suddenly had to deal with a financial emergency. You do a simple Joint Venture, and make more than enough money to cover the bills. In fact, you have plenty of cash left over for a little fun afterwards.
  • Imagine the confidence and pride you'll feel... knowing that you could pay for a vacation for your entire family by doing a single JV promotion.
  • Got presents to buy for the holidays? One joint venture could easily finance your entire holiday season.
But there's one catch. In order to make this kind of money, you can't think like an average person. I made this mistake in the beginning of my online marketing career, and it cost me dearly. Keep reading to find out...
The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made In Marketing!
When I first started out marketing on the internet, I thought the best way to get traffic to my website and increase my credibility was to work harder... you know, write more articles, run more pay per click ads, pay an search engine expert to get my sites top ranks.
When I tried to do all of these marketing activities, they worked to some extent, but it really tired me out after a while. It felt like I was trying to lift a weight which was just too heavy for me. After months of frustration and mediocre results, I figured out I had it all wrong...
When I discovered joint ventures and started focusing on spending time consistently building relationships with other marketers the results were breathtaking.
But I'm Sure You Want Some SOLID Proof, So...
When you JV with other marketers, the results can be shockingly good VERY fast. For example, here's what happened in a single week when I partnered up to promote someone else's product (and it took only 5 minutes to set up!):

That's $7.191.68 in just one week! You could work yourself silly for months and not make that much if you tried to do it on your own. But when you have somebody with some marketing power behind you, the cash can really pile up.
And it doesn't stop either, especially if your negotiate with your partner to add your product to his ongoing marketing, such as adding it to his autoresponder or promoting it on a thank you page for one of his products. Here's how the cash can keep rolling in week after week!

That's $50,000 in one month, with more cash coming in every week like clockwork. And the profits kept on coming. After a few months, the total profit windfall I got from several promos running at once was unbelievable:
How would you like to make $94,176.30 total in just 90 days? Believe me, the profits can be shocking. But it's completely legit. All it takes is good JV relationships.
Even better, your income potential isn't just from selling a product. You also get to build a huge list of proven buyers. For example, here's my current list, and well over half of it came straight from JV relationships over the years.
That's 819 leads coming in every day, many from my JV partners. And I've had 326,988 join my lists as partners kept feeding me hungry buyers. That kind of list can keep putting money in your pocket for literally years. JV relationships have that kind of power.
The great news is that I did everything I just showed you by using the very same techniques I'll teach you in this free video course. There's no reason at all that you can't get similar results...or better.

Joint ventures are the fastest and easiest way to make money online. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of people out there who are eagerly looking for products to promote to their readers.
I will show you how to get the attention of those people, so you can skyrocket your success by getting them to promote your products to their readers, earning you a huge payday. And if you don't have a product, don't worry. I'll show you several ways that you can put together joint ventures and make a boat load of cash even without owning any products yourself!

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